We’re Threaded Together at IBW 2017

You are invited to join thousands of babywearers from dozens of countries as we celebrate the threads that weave us together.

2017 International Babywearing Week Sponsors

Babywearing International relies on generous sponsors to make International Babywearing Week a success. Sponsorship donations may be cash or in-kind donations of baby carriers, related accessories, and other merchandise (non-babywearing items are eligible for Giveaway Sponsorship level only). In-kind donations will be used at the sole discretion of BWI for distribution to our member chapters, as prizes for International Babywearing Week contests, to support the International Babywearing Week Awards, or for other promotional purposes determined by Babywearing International and the International Babywearing Week Committee.

Silver Sponsor

Tula Baby Carriers
Baby Bjorn

Bronze Sponsor

Happy Family
Mission Critical
Giveaway Sponsor
Tula baby carriers
Oscha Slings
Comfy Joey
Jellystone Design
Modern Eternity

The International Babywearing Week committee invites you to join this exciting event. If you would like more information or are interested in sponsoring International Babywearing Week now or in the future, please contact director@babywearinginternational.org. For more information about sponsorship opportunities visit our Sponsor IBW page.