Voting for the 2017 International Babywearing Week Awards has now closed. Here are this year’s recipients!

2017 International Babywearing Week Award Winners


The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award 

Congratulations to LaKeta Kemp winner of the Jennifer Rosenburg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award. LaKeta is known as Tandem Trouble on YouTube and was nominated for her work this past year creating a comprehensive channel of accessible video tutorials. She has been educating online, pushing the technology to the advantage of tutorial watchers, but also keeping in mind accessibility and inclusivity all the while. She works tirelessly to create valuable free education for new babywearers and tandem wearers as Tandem Trouble and, recently became the owner of Wrapsody.


 The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing

Congratulations to Diana Rosenfield winner of the Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing. Founder and owner of Wrap Your Baby, a website that is a comprehensive resource of babywearing information organized by many different descriptors that make searching for helpful carry tutorials is easier. Diana has been building her tutorial library for the past 10 years.


The Perla Robertson Award for Distinguished Babywearing Educator

Congratulations to Amy Rainbow winner of the Perla Robertson Award for Distinguished Babywearing Educator. Amy was nominated for her work as “Amy Wraps Babies,” a website that has amassed more detailed information in one place than perhaps anywhere other than Wearing Wiki. She has created tutorial videos, presented information on babywearing, and created content on her website to further educate babwearing people at all stages. She recently created a series of multi-pass carry video tutorials using stretchy wraps beyond Pocket Wrap Cross Carry and Front Wrap Cross Carry. Not only does she provide this information as a resource to anyone with access to the internet she also provides babywearing education in person as a VBE for the Portland, OR chapter of BWI. Amy is a CBWS graduate, also does private consultations, and can be seen at babywearing events and in online videos and interviews with other babywearing “celebrities.” Her work is expanding our resources of videos that reach a wide audience and photographs that help show how a woven wrap moves or how a pass crosses the body.


Award Recognizing Outstanding Diversity and Inclusiveness by a Babywearing Educator 

Congratulations to Brittany Brown Marsh winner of the Award Recognizing Outstanding Diversity and Inclusiveness by a Babywearing Educator. Brittany is an incredible educator and an important part of the babywearing community at large. She never hesitates to advocate for marginalized caregivers and does so even at a personal risk to herself. Brittany has a huge online presence being a voice for POC, bringing attention to injustice and educating. She’s always going above and beyond to provide inclusive education giving as much as she can to the community.


 Best Babywearing Outreach Program (Vendor or Business)

Congratulations Bijou Wear winner of the Best Babywearing Outreach Program by a Vendor or Business. Bijou contributes carriers and has made financial donations to nonprofit groups such as World on My Shoulders to help support low-income caregivers, particularly victims of domestic violence, at the grassroots level in chapters around the country. They also contribute to support The Carrying On Project, which provides carriers to military families in need at no-cost to the recipients. Bijou has made sharing babywearing knowledge and tools part of what they do as a company.


 Best Babywearing Outreach Event or Program (Non-profit or Individual)

Congratulations to World on My Shoulders winner of the Best Babywearing Advocacy Event of Program by a Non-Profit or Individual. World on My Shoulders was nominated for their grassroots work connecting to those in poverty and/or survivors of domestic violence, people who need resources that will help them navigate their futures more successfully. It is hard work to find these people, build networks of trust and, fundraise to be able to help them in their acute time of need. WOMS also did extensive work organizing aid for black communities in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.


 Best Blog or Website Maintained by a BWI Chapter

Congratulations to Babywearing International of Portland winner of Best Blog or Website Maintained by a BWI Chapter. You can find their website here:




 BWI Outstanding Educators

Congratulations to Samantha Reddy one of three winners of the BWI Outstanding Educator Award. Samantha Reddy created a series of blog posts for the Portland, OR chapter detailing fit information about hard frame hiking pack carriers. This has been an invaluable resource for our local babywearing community. This information wasn’t something that was readily available or that existed before she created this resource to be shared with the world. Samantha created the hard frame carrier 101 and even found local volunteers to try different hard frame packs to comment on their comfort and fit on a variety of body types for her hard frame carrier comparison. She is the Portland resident expert on these carriers and often has people coming to a meeting or local play date specifically for her help.

Congratulations to Ricki Franklin one of three winners of the BWI Outstanding Educator Award. Ricki has gone above and beyond as the president of our chapter for the past year including: setting up a partnership with The Family Support Center to get carriers for caregivers leaving domestic violence situations, homelessness and, other people in need; participating in Baby Day at our local food bank and, multiple other organizations in the area.

Congratulations to Kat Chaffin one of three winners of the BWI Outstanding Educator Award. Kat was nominated because she is the type of person you like to watch teach. She is often asked to perform the 101 because her approach to all carriers is informative and, she is a great first introduction to babywearing. Her work has her educating other educators regularly but, her approach is all about making people feel more at ease with their knowledge and approach to wearing comfortably. She is an incredible asset to our chapter and has worked to improve
the way our group runs, how our volunteers learn from each other and, how we reach out to our community. She just recently became an MBE, the first in our chapter, and goes above and beyond to answer questions for all of our volunteers. Kat does all of this while also volunteering her time as the President of BWI.



 BWI Outstanding Chapter Support Volunteer

Congratulations to Cynthia Soliz one of three winners of the BWI Outstanding Chapter Support Volunteer Award. Cynthia was nominated for her work as Social Media Coordinator for her chapter and her extensive blog writing. Austin’s blog has amassed a readership of thousands thanks to Cynthia’s writing and she also writes for the national BWI blog.

Congratulations to Kassondra Coxson one of three winners of the BWI Chapter Support Volunteer Award. Kassondra is like the glue that keeps BWI national running. For IBW, she certainly saved the day by helping out with the website and finding a quick solution to get group registration off the ground! Kassondra works on making our online resources work smoothly and much of what she does for BWI is behind the scenes as a National Service Volunteer.

Congratulations to Stephanie Lu Sinclair one of three winners of the BWI Outstanding Chapter Support Volunteer. Stephanie is the social media queen. She has taken the BWITC website to a new
level. She makes sure it has great content, accurate information, inclusive language, and interesting topics. Stephanie is responsible for the relevant an amazing Forward Facing Out (FFO) blog post that has been getting much attention lately.