Your 2018 Committee

Each year International Babywearing Week is planned by a dedicated group of volunteer committee members from around the globe.

We want to thank this year’s volunteer committee who worked diligently to the 11th hour to make this year’s celebration a success:

Laura Vitanova (USA); J Gwendolyn Arana (USA); Vilija Simaitis (USA); Angélica de la Cruz (Mexico); Mary Rodio (USA); Tasneem Muhammed (USA); Laura Bunnell (USA); Brittany Holland (USA); Hallie Louise Grimes (USA); Kaushal Vira Sovani (UAE); Afifah Mu’minah (Indonesia); Esther Lau (Singapore); Carmen Salazar (Mexico); Cristina Daza Bucholz (Mexico); Anouk Pross-Oosterhuis (Netherlands); Sarah Dawkins (USA); Rachel Gaston-Pifer (USA); Taylor Devore (USA)

Thank you all for your hard work!

Are you interested in volunteering for the 2019 International Babywearing Week Committee?

We are looking for fresh NEW ideas and volunteers who have great skills in:

  • Task management (we would love “do-ers”!)
  • Organizational communication (love to correspond with sponsors, other vendors?)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Pinterest, TBW-do you love managing and posting on them?)
  • Graphic design (love to come up with all our graphics?)
  • Spreadsheet Wizards (anyone who has some great skills to help us stay organized on the spreadsheet front)
  • Multilingual people – (as representatives of a global celebration people who can speak and write in multiple languages are assets to help with translating materials)

The Committee is responsible for developing new ideas to add to past International Babywearing Week successes including developing the IBW logo, graphics, and themes, soliciting and communicating with sponsors and other partners, registering vendors and official celebrating organizations, overseeing all International Babywearing Week-related social media and online events, etc. Looking for volunteers with strong task management, organizational communications, and networking skills, and/or graphic design, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,, online sales/product development, or web (WordPress and Google Forms) experience are particularly needed as well as representatives of diverse babywearing communities (including international representatives).

People from all nations are encouraged to apply. Volunteers will be expected to participate in the online planning Facebook group, other online collaboration sites like Basecamp to contribute to an assigned project, and participate in short monthly planning meetings online or via conference call. Time commitment will vary based on time of year and chosen task but expect to commit 2-5 hours/week plus additional time leading up to and during IBW.

Check back later for more information about becoming a part of the 2019 planning committee!