Committee Forging Ahead with 2018 Babywearing Week Celebration

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Hello to all of our friends in the Babywearing World!

We apologize for being inactive while we were working behind the scenes. We would like to take a moment to share what is going on with International Babywearing Week and the International Babywearing Week Committee.

The global International Babywearing Week committee will continue on with our planned International Babywearing Week celebration: Babywearing Has… a Decade of IBW. The theme was announced last year and we believe it still fits and want to encourage your continued planning revolving around this theme. We believe that International Babywearing Week is about encouraging and spreading Babywearing Love and Support and we will continue on our mission to bring us all together to not only celebrate the new faces in babywearing but to also look back on all that has brought International Babywearing Week to be.

As you have likely heard, Babywearing International, Inc. (BWI) will dissolve as of August 31. With all the stress and uncertainty that has occurred with BWI’s bankruptcy announcement, we believe that it is more important than ever to celebrate what brings us all together– the love of babywearing!

Although BWI has been primarily responsible for assembling a committee and providing resources, International Babywearing Week is run by an independent volunteer committee comprised of a handful of people from all over the world, separate from BWI. The IBW committee is still working, as many of you are, to continue our universal mission to celebrate something that bonds us all.

We want to take a moment to also apologize for our delays in releasing information to you. Our goal in keeping many of the same committee members and keeping the committee active over the last year was to avoid last minute information being sent out. However, due to circumstances relating to the current dissolution of BWI, the committee was unable to get the head start we had wished with the release of the logo this year. For that, we are sorry.

So please understand that while we are excited to work independently, and we will do our best to help Babywearers around the globe celebrate, we are working with fewer resources.

Because of this, we are also asking for your help if you have any spare time to donate to working within the International Babywearing Week planning committee, we need some new faces and ideas to join us on our new path.

While we expect that you have many questions, please extend us patience as the committee works to make this a memorable and meaningful celebration. We hope that we can bring you some excitement and renewed vigor in the strong and passionate Babywearing Community by continuing to unite us all.