Event & Celebrating Organization Registration Now Open!

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We appreciate your patience as we work out all the bugs to keep the website running smoothly for you this year, but many of you will be happy to hear that our Community Events Calendar and Celebrating Organization registrations are now up and running.

If you registered as a celebrating organization last year, you are already registered! Simply use the same login credentials and make any updates to your profile. We encourage you to add profile photos and descriptions of your organization so that individuals can easily find you and read all about you!

You can also add events to our events calendar. Anyone can submit an event and individuals can search by date or location to find celebrations near them. You can register in-person, online and giveaway events on our calendar!

Another new feature we are hoping to implement this year are email subscriptions. Enter your email address to receive updates on any blog posts and announcements. This year all giveaways will take place on our Facebook page but we will also be announcing all giveaways on the blog. Blog subscribers will receive an email in their inbox for every announcement and never miss a giveaway!

We hope that everyone around the world can look to babywearingweek.org for all up to date news and information on the celebration. Keep checking back for more developments!

Register as a Celebrating Organization at BabywearingWeek.org/Register

Add your events to our community calendar at BabywearingWeek.org/Celebrations/Community/Add

View our community events calendar at BabywearingWeek.org/Celebrations