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Babywearing Has… a Decade of International Babywearing Week

Join Us in our celebration as we journey not only through the community celebrations of IBW but we celebrate and remember our Babywearing journeys and all that Babywearing has done for us.

Babywearing Has...
…helped Me Bond with my preemie child after they were released from NICU

Babywearing Has…
…allowed me to be hands free and care for the needs of my infant as well as the needs of their siblings at the same time.

Babywearing Has…
given me time for the self care I so very much needed while also making sure my child was cared for, warm and happy.

Babywearing Has…
…brought me closer to the world and all there is to explore without giving up freedoms that often feel come along with new babies.

Babywearing Has…
…comforted and soothed my child in so many situations I can’t even name them all.

Babywearing Has…

The International Babywearing Week Committee would like to give you some ideas and options to include in your planning of IBW 2018, Babywearing Has… A Decade of IBW.

We have created ten theme days that you can use as whatever needs fits your community and group, or individually based on the last ten years of IBW:

– 2008: Celebrate
– 2009: Close Enough to Kiss
– 2010: Safe Babywearing, Enjoy the Benefits
– 2011: A World of Possibilities
– 2012: Carrying On Traditions
– 2013: Get Carried Away
– 2014: Share the Adventure
– 2015: Embrace Your World
– 2016: Best Seat in the House
– 2017: Threaded Together
– 2018: Babywearing Has…

Please keep in mind, these are ideas and options you may take what works for you and your community and leave what does not. These are merely ideas to help you. We have also added “Throwback” Hashtags so you can share photos of previous events or years with your celebrations of IBW.

Theme Day Ideas:
– Babywearing Has Aided My Celebration
– Babywearing Has Kept Us Close
– Babywearing Has Benefits!
– Babywearing Has Possibilities!
– Babywearing Has History
– Babywearing Has Helped Me Get Carried Away
– Babywearing Has Allowed us to share adventures
– Babywearing Has Embraced my world
– Babywearing Has threaded us together
– Babywearing Has …

Theme Day 1:
Babywearing Has Aided My Celebration
This theme would be a great time to plan a special party or celebration.
Group Activities: Host your own award ceremonies within your community with fun awards like “The Friendliest Face at Meetings” , “Person Who Posts the Best Tips in the Group”. Anything fun that fits your group!
Online Activities: If you can not gather in person, do the same activities online!
Individual Activities: If you do not have a local group, celebrate your Babywearing successes with us on our social media pages Like Instagram and Facebook! Tell us What Babywearing Celebrations you have from a successful transfer from sleeping to bed, or trying a new carrier or that babywearing allowed you a little time to read a book. Whatever it is, celebrate with us, celebrate with each other and celebrate what babywearing has done for you!
Hashtag: #BabywearingCelebrations
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2008Celebrate

Theme Day 2:
Babywearing Has Kept Us Close
We all know how much babywearing keeps our children close to our hearts and close enough to Kiss!
Group Activities: Today might be a great day to try out a new activity that babywearing helps you do like Babywearing Yoga, A Babywearing Flash Dance, or maybe just a walk through the park.
Online Activities: Remember we are celebrating not only the physical closeness of babywearing today but also the bond that we create with wearing! This is a great day to celebrate the other babywearing caregivers in our children’s lives and how Babywearing has allowed them to bond and establish a close connection as well. Make a post in your group to give shout out’s to the person who got your members into wearing, or a collection of stories of other caregivers wearing.
Individual Activites: Go onto social media pages using the hashtags below and show us how babywearing has kept you close! What special activities does babywearing help you do?
Hashtag: #BabywearingCloseness
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2009CloseEnoughtoKiss

Theme Day 3:
Babywearing Has Benefits
Local Educators and groups this is a great opportunity to do some outreach and education! Group Activities:Host a babywearing 101 to share the benefits of Babywearing. Set up some online sessions to share the many ways Babywearing can benefit both caregivers and children. Network with other providers and educators in your community that has interest in baby care and families and host a workshop wither sharing with them the benefits of wearing or allowing them to share how they also help with those benefits!
Online Activities: Online you can share the ways that babywearing has directly benefited you or your child(ren). Tell us your stories, or share your photos!
Individual Activities: Think about the benefits that you and your child receive from babywearing. Is there a place or activity that wearing helps you to do or enjoy? Go there today, or do that. Today is about enjoying your experience and reveling in all babywearing does for you.
Hashtag: #BabywearingHasBenefits
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2010SafeWearingEnjoyBenefits

Theme Day 4:
Babywearing Has Possibilities
As we all know there are so many ways to Babywear!
Group Activities: Another great day to host a workshop to try out new things. Host a “petting zoo” to share carriers that others love and why they love them.
Online Activities: Online share videos and resources on different styles of babywearing and encourage people to try out something new with their carriers. Maybe post a thread asking what carriers they have at home, and find a way they can something new with it.
Individual Activities: What have you been wanting to try but have not yet? Maybe a new way to use your carrier or a new skill? Try it out today!
Hashtag: #BabywearingHasPossibilities
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2011WorldofPossibilities

Theme Day 5:
Babywearing has history
Today we celebrate the history and traditions of babywearing. Many people come from cultures where babywearing has been a part of their lives for generations. Some newer wearers are even coming from newer generations of parents that also wore them. It’s a great day to share some of the cultural aspects of wearing.
Group Activities: If your group has educators equipped to teach a workshop on the history of wearing or traditional carriers it’s a great day to share some of that babywearing history. Today is also a great day to get together for a social event to remember your groups history and what has brought you this far. You can even use today to celebrate your past IBW celebrations.
Online Activities: Groups can share their groups history and journey today! Post special blogs, photo collages, threads in your group showing where your group started and where you have been. Highlight some of the extra things you’ve done to support your babywearing community and your history.
Individual Activities: You can also use this theme day to explore your own history of babywearing. Where have you been? Share some photos and stories of your first time wearing.
Hashtag: #BabywearingHasHistory
Throwback Hashtags: #IBW2012CarryingOnTraditions

Theme Day 6:
Babywearing Has Helped Me Get Carried Away
This theme would be a great day for some lighted hearted games.
Group Activities: Maybe plan a “Field Day” themed play date. Carry a Balloon of water in a carrier around a relay course. Use a carrier and a balloon to create a new carry. This would also be a great day to share some self care or a “pamper party” or “members night out”
Online Activities: You can do online games as well. The Alphabet Game where you take a photo wearing an item in a carrier that starts from A-Z as an example. Make the day fun and full of carefree fun.
Individual Activities: Have some fun with wearing today. Have you ever used a carrier to help you carry groceries? Maybe you have worn a child in a way others might have felt was a “little much”. Share with us online how babywearing has caused you to get a little “carried away”.
Hashtag: #BabywearingCarriesMeAway
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2013GetCarriedAway

Theme Day 7:
Babywearing Has Allowed Us to Share Adventures
What a great theme day to look back on your local community and where you have been.
Group Activities: Whereas the History theme was about group history today changes things up to celebrate those extra special events and moments of your group. What was the most successful events you’ve hosted? IBW events? Babywearing Yoga classes? Swap Events? Share them today to celebrate those memories but also today can be used to have dicsussions with your members on what works for them and what doesn’t and what adventures they would like to see!
Online Activities: If you have a blog share some of your local adventures. What were your IBW celebrations like? A photo collage of events would be a nice addition, or a blog of higlhights!
Individual Activities: Can you share your photos of your own personal adventures with us or your local group or with us on our social media?
Hashtag: #BabywearingAdventures
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2014ShareTheAdventure

Theme Day 8:
Babywearing Has Embraced My World
Who doesn’t love Babywearing snuggles? We can use today to also explore all those babywearing journeys we have been on! Every one of us came to wearing in a different way and for different reasons. This is a great day to explore how babywearing helps you to embrace the world around us.
Group Activities: So many great ways to use this theme! Maybe it’s a hike with your local friends or group. A thread to celebrate those special little ones we carry would be a nice addition to today’s theme.
Online Activities: Today would be a great day to start a thread online discussing babywearing has taken us! Who’s traveled with babywearing aid? What special places have you been while wearing? These are great questions to share with your group! A blog highlighting travel tips or a special video about travel tips would also be a great idea today!
Individual Activities: Share a special journey that babywearing has taken you on. Or use today to take a special journey you have not been on yet!
Hashtag: BabywearingEmbraces
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2014EmbraceYourWorld

Theme Day 9:
Babywearing Has Threaded Us Together
Today is about two things: How babywearing has threaded caregiver to child and how babywearing has threaded our communities together.
Group Activities: Within your group you can plan a special play date or event to tie your community together. Maybe a volunteer project like cleaning up a park. A charity drive or fundraiser. Something that helps to bring the many together.
Online Activities: Today can be full of fun online games to connect people.  Babywearing Uno photo threads are always fun. A post to set up “friend networks” of those close by is generally fun. Think of ways you can better bring the individuals in your group together.
Individual Activities: What has Babywearing done to help you in your daily life with your children? How does it bring you together? You are welcome to share them with us or just reflect on those moments yourself.
Hashtag: #BabywearingThreadsUs
Throwback Hashtag: #IBW2015ThreadedTogether

Theme Day 10:
Babywearing Has…. Babywearing Will
This would be an ideal day to use as a recap.
Group Activities: Babywearing Has done so much for us all, this is another great workshop day to set up a space for those babywearing curious to come see what babywearing has done for others as well as what it could do for them. Is there a resource you’ve not explored where you could introduce babywearing to new people? How about an open forum of wearers and educators together sharing what babwearing has done for them to give new caregivers? Today is about finding ways to share what babywearing has done, but also what babywearing will do.
Online Activities:  Allow your group members to explore what babywearing has done for them? What has your local group opened for them? Now let’s explore what else we are doing! What are your plans? What would you like to see in the coming year? Today would be a great day to announce some big news, some future plans or things you are hoping to accomplish in the future rather it’s as a group or an individual. You can even use this week after IBW is said and done for the year to give a final recap of IBW this year.
Individual Activities: What would you like to see babywearing do for you in the future? Is there a group you’d like to go check out? A new carrier you’d like to try? Explore the journey you’ve already been on as well as what you hope to do in the future.
Hashtags: #BabywearingHasBabywearingWill #IBW2018BabywearingHas


Our Theme Days document, along with Facebook frames and logos are now available in the Celebrating Organization Toolkit!