Babywearing is Fun(ny)!!!

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Babywearing has benefits. And we know it, right???  We have worn our babies on numerous occasions, during family functions, at school gatherings, nursed them to sleep while being carried, wore to soothe them when tired, during transit, travel, shopping, doctor’s visits… well the list is endless. And then we have our experiences. Some are heartwarming, some are overwhelming, some are precious while some are outright funny.

Amber D Souza shares one hilarious incident which had us in stitches.


“A day out with my son” – Amber


“I traveled internationally with my 17 month old alone from Chicago to Goa and back and a fewer short trips to the Middle East with multiple flights and transits. I have come to learn over the years that I am not one to travel light. Babywearing helped keep my son calm in all the chaos. It made it easier for me to walk rather than wait for airport transport to take me from gate to gate. I just strapped my son onto my back and had my arms free to get my luggage etc.

At one of the transits during immigration my son was strapped onto my back and the officer asks ” Where is the second passenger?”  I turn to one side to show him my son strapped to me asleep on my back. He looks at me puzzled and asks again sternly ” Where is the child?” So I point to my back confused and exhausted. He stands and comes around the desk with a serious face which now has made me worried and walks around me and starts laughing. “Oh he is here. I thought this was your back pack and I couldn’t see his face from there. I was scared for a minute you had your child in your backpack. This is a good idea though”.


“This is how my son must have looked, albeit, arms in to the officer.” – Amber


Me —Gulp, quickly taking off the head shield (hood) which was supporting my child’s neck so he can sleep. Needless to say other officers stood up to see what was going on… All in all we had a good laugh.”




Amber D Souza is an active parent on Babywearing India.

(All pictures in this article are original and belong to the Amber D Souza. Reproducing them in any form without the permission will not be allowed.)

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