Detailed information about U.S. and International partnerships & sweepstakes

International Babywearing Week is a week-long advocacy event dedicated to promoting awareness of babywearing through local and online celebrations, media awareness, and educational activities. Through this event, we hope to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice that benefits caregivers and children.

The theme for International Babywearing Week’s  ninth annual celebration is Threaded Together. The inspiration for the theme comes from the many different threads that when combined through the weaving process form all of the carriers we use. All of these individual threads, once woven, create a material in the same way individuals and groups worldwide come together to create a global babywearing community.


We invite non-profit babywearing groups around the world to participate in International Babywearing Week by registering as Official Celebrating Organizations. These organizations join the celebration by hosting online and in-person events throughout the week.

This year all celebrating international organizations will be partnered with a U.S. based organization at time of registration. Partnered groups will have the opportunity to win prizes together and collaborate online to strengthen international relations in the babywearing community. Giveaway items will be won in pairs, one for each domestic and international partner. Celebrating organizations must opt-in at the time of registration to be partnered or will be ineligible for prizes. Celebrating organizations that are not registered at the time of giveaway are ineligible but may register at any time during the celebration to be eligible for giveaways yet to be awarded. Celebrating organizations that do not have a domestic or international partner due to lack of registered organizations will be ineligible unless and until an eligible organization registers and opts-in.

Celebrating organizations may submit their events for our worldwide celebrations calendar. This is not the same as registering for partnership sweepstakes. Celebrating organizations who wish to receive prizes must also register as a celebrating organization, even if they have previously submitted events to the calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t get it. What is the purpose of the partnerships?

Due to international sweepstakes law, International Babywearing Week sponsors cannot award prizes to international groups. In order to allow international organizations to participate in receiving awards, U.S. based organizations will be the recipient of two identical prizes, one of which will be gifted to their partnered international organization. We hope that this will make International Babywearing Week a truly international celebration.

How are partnerships assigned?

Partnerships are randomly assigned to groups that register as a celebrating organization. One partner will be located in the U.S. and the other will be international. Partnered groups will win prizes in pairs.

How do I register?

Go to and fill out the form. When prompted “Do you wish to be partnered with another babywearing group?” you must choose “Yes” to be eligible for sweepstakes prizes.

Who can register? 

Any not-for-profit babywearing group, organization or sling library is eligible to register. State registration or 501c3 status is not required. However, any group or individual that operates as a for-profit business is not eligible to register for sweepstakes. Businesses who are hosting celebrations are welcome to submit their celebrations to our event calendar.

What if am a for-profit organization or business that will be hosting an online or in-person event or giveaway?

Businesses who are hosting celebrations are welcome to submit their celebrations to our event calendar.  If they wish to receive a “Celebrating Organization” certificate, they may do so by registering as a celebrating organization, but when asked “Do you wish to be partnered with another babywearing group?”, select “No.”

What if I am an individual person or educator not associated with a babywearing group? Am I eligible for sweepstakes giveaways?

There will be a few prizes set aside for individuals not associated with a babywearing group. Unfortunately these will only be available to U.S. residents due to international sweepstakes laws.

I submitted my calendar event already, can’t you just add me to the list of registered organizations?

Unfortunately, our system for assigning partners is based on the registering process. Due to volunteer time limitations, we are unable to comb through event submissions to find organizations that are not registered and add them to this. Also, you must “opt-in” to be partnered with another babywearing group. This is not automatic.

Oh no! I did not opt-in at registration but I do wish to be eligible for sweepstakes. How to I change my registration status?

Please send a message to our Facebook page or send an email to with the name of your group and the change(s) you wish to make. We will fix it as quickly as we can.

How will winners be chosen?

Winners will be chosen by random draw.
How will winners receive prizes?

Prizes will ship to the partner group in the U.S. with shipping instructions and pre-paid labels for mailing the second prize to their international partner group. We will use the address registered on for shipping so please make sure it is accurate. (Address and phone number information is not visible to the public)